Grooming tips

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  • By Kelvin Stanke
Grooming tips

Groo-ming! For some pets, that’s a four letter word. However as much as some pets dislike it, grooming helps to keep your pet healthy in ways many do not realize. Grooming encompasses many components including maintenance of their hair and coat, trimming of their nails, cleaning of their ears, and dental health.


Inevitably as pet owners we will deal with the seasonal shed, a bi-annual event which coats our houses and clothing. Regular combing and brushing with the appropriate tools can put a big dent into that fly away hair.  The proper technique and grooming tools, some elbow grease, along with some extra special treats-bribery, can make grooming a positive, rewarding, and great time to bond with your pet.


If you hear your pets nails clicking on your hardwood floors or scratching of the furniture, its probably time to trim your pets nails. While clipping your pets nails one must be careful not to cut into the quick- the nails blood supply. If unsure, best to let a groomer take care of this or have a qualified person show you how. Always use the appropriate pet nail clippers to cut your pets nails, they cut more cleanly than our human nail clippers. Grinding the nails are also an option which will help produce a smooth edge and may be tolerated more by your pet. Either way alway have some styptic powder handy to cauterize the nail should you cut into the quick.


Now is a great time to clean your pets ears. Preventative maintenance can go a long way to help prevent ear infections, particularly if your pet likes to take a dip in the lake. Using a gentle ear cleaner, saturate the ear with the ear solution and gently massage the base of the ear so the solution can work its way into the canal. Hold your pets head steady for a minute, then let your pet shake its head to let the debris work its way out. Use cotton balls to wipe the exposed outer area of the ear canal. Regular weekly cleaning will make a big difference in ear health however if you notice an odour coming from the ear it may be time to visit the vet due to a possible infection.


Finally, your pets dental health is a critical component to your pets overall health. While smelly breath can offend, poor dental health can lead to heart disease and diseases of the kidney and liver, to name a few. Daily brushing with a pet toothpaste or gel, adding special solutions to your pets drinking water, offering special treats to chew on, and feeding an appropriate diet, can all help to keep your pets teeth and gums in great shape. However, there may be a point where one may need to visit the vet to have its teeth cleaned professionally.


With regular attention to your pets coat, ears, nails, and teeth, you and your pet can better enjoy the oncoming summer season.