Basic reptile and amphibian info and supplies

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Basic reptile and amphibian info and supplies

Basic reptile and amphibian info and supplies - visit us for expert advise


frogThey might not be the most cuddly of animals, but reptiles can make great pets! And we’ve got a great selection of reptile pets in-store to choose from.

Creating the right living environment for your reptile pet is essential for your pet’s well being. Critter Jungle can help you choose the right aquarium, heating, lighting and food to create the comfortable habitat your reptile friend needs to stay happy and healthy.

Our team is here to answer any questions and provide expert advice about caring for your cold-blooded critters.

At Critter Jungle you’ll find:




  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Frogs




  • Dry Food
  • Live Food
  • Food & Water Accessories
  • Frozen Feeders




  • Habitats & Accessories
  • Heating & Lighting
  • Humidity & Temperature Controls
  • Filters & Pumps
  • Cleaning & Odor Removers




5 Reasons Reptiles Make Good Pets

1.  Owning a reptile can help to teach the importance of responsibility.
Owning one of the less difficult species can help teach basic care principles such as feeding, changing water, and cleaning a cage.

2.  Reptiles are fascinating.
Simply watching them interact with their surroundings can make for hours of entertainment.

3.  Some reptiles are best housed in beautiful large terrariums.
These can become the focal point of a home, filled with lush plant growth and a waterfall. Sometimes the reptile itself is simply considered “icing on the cake”.

4. Some reptiles are fairly easy to look after compared to most pets.
Snakes for instance, only eat about once per week. They do not require walks, and they will not stress when you are not able to interact with them.

5. Reptiles are more intelligent than we think.
They are very aware of their surroundings and are known to become attached to their owners. Some reptiles enjoy interacting with people, and will quickly “colour up” when doing so.