Livestock Guarantee

Livestock Guarantee

“Critter Jungle guarantees that all livestock are healthy and free of disease upon the purchase date.”

At Critter Jungle we believe that knowledge is key when bringing home a new pet. As owners we are responsible for knowing everything about their care, and providing them with whatever they may need. One day in an improper environment can cause irreparable damage and stress; therefore, we must be 100% prepared prior to purchase.

Our Livestock Guarantee has been put in place to ensure that no unhealthy pets are sold. This creates a sense of responsibility in our staff. Once a pet is sold, that responsibility passes on to their new owners. For this reason we do not guarantee a pets’ health beyond the purchase date.

Please, take the time to ask our knowledgeable staff about any future pet care plans. We want to see you succeed. Our staff can help you decide which pets are right for you, and help you to plan out their ideal home.

If you believe that your pet was in fact sick before its purchase, a Critter Jungle employee will be happy to help you sort things out.

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