Birds as pets

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Birds as pets

A brief article on pet birds



Birds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours with personalities all their own. They are intelligent, social animals that can be easy to train and make great pets for owners who live in apartments or condos. But be aware, parrots require a commitment of ownership beyond most pets, mostly due to their amazing intelligence.

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5 Reasons Birds Make Good Pets

1. Birds Are Intelligent.
Birds rank near the top in intelligence among animals. They have a capacity to learn and an inquisitive nature that makes them fascinating pets. Once a bird bonds with it’s owner, it is constantly learning from that person’s behavior and often delights its owner with surprisingly human-like antics.

2. Most Small Birds Are Fairly Easy To Care For.
Birds can be placed inside their cages when you are away from home or when you are busy. They do not require daily walks outside and housebreaking is not an issue. Some people prefer the convenience of cleaning a cage to scooping a litter box or having to go for walks outside every few hours.

3. Birds Need Minimal Grooming.
Because birds are naturally very hygienic animals, their owners can usually maintain their pet’s health and good looks with a quick nail trim occasionally and a shower of plain water once or twice a week.

4. Birds Are Social.
A bird is a wonderful choice if you want a pet that will form a strong bond with you. With proper training and socialization, birds can be just as loving and affectionate as a dog or cat.

5. Birds Are Attractive.
Birds display beautiful colors and humorous behavior patterns that are interesting to watch and have even been proven to lower stress levels in individuals. Birds bring a certain life and vibrancy to the home they grace.