General info on what you may require for your cat

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General info on what you may require for your cat

General info on what you may require for your cat


catCats are the perfect mix of cuddles and independence and make wonderful family pets. They are often much less work than their canine counterparts as they do not require daily walks. Cats are quite happy curling up for a nap under a sunny window at home.

Critter Jungle has everything you need to care for your cat – dry food, fresh food, toys and litter supplies.


At Critter Jungle you’ll find:




  • Wet, Dry & Fresh Raw Cat Food
  • Super-Premium Brands
  • Cat Treats
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Flea & Tick Treatments




  • Bowls & Feeding Supplies
  • Collars, Harnesses & Leashes
  • Cat Toys
  • Scratching Posts
  • Cat Litter & Litter Supplies
  • Stain & Odor Removers
  • Cat Carriers & Crates




5 Reasons Why Cats Make Good Pets

1. Cats are Independent.
Cats don’t require constant attention. They are happy just being near you. They love to be pet, brushed, and fed yet you won’t have to dote on them all day.

2. Cats are Clean.
Unlike other pets, cats don’t need a high degree of grooming. Unless you have a long haired cat, most cats will groom themselves and only require occasional brushing. Be sure that they have a good diet so that their coat stays glossy and make sure that they are wormed and protected against fleas. Critter Jungle has natural options for parasite and flea control.

4. Cats are Affectionate.
Cats love to be pet, held, and cuddled. Plus, they are extremely loyal. Give them a bit of attention, and you’ll get a lot of love in return. Most cats are affectionate, loving creatures who like nothing more than a warm place to sleep, which is often your lap, and a good cuddle.

4. Cats are Litter-Box Trained.
Most cats are litter-box trained. You won’t have to walk them on cold, rainy days. They do prefer doing their business in a clean box, so keeping the box tidy is a must.

5. Cats are Playful.
Cats love to play. They will leap, run, and pounce, which is great fun to watch.