Dietary Choices for your cat

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Dietary Choices for your cat

Dietary choices for your cat

Dietary choices for your feline.

There almost as many options when it comes to feeding your cat as there are for people. Look in any stores pet food aisle and you will get a glimpse into some of the choices you have for your cat. The problem is which one to choose.

In our store we have always believed there is greater value in feeding a superior food which may not cost more than your current food. In many cases it can cost less. Plus there is a potential to save money on future vet bills due to the benefits of a healthier pet. Higher quality ingredients, of the right proportion and blend, will produce a better coat quality and in turn less shedding, better digestion which means a cleaner litter box, and overall greater vitality and energy.

In a pet specialty store like Critter Jungle, you will find a wider range of products in the many categories of the pet food world. With this great selection of products along with the expertise required to match the right food for your cat, you are more likely to have the happiest, healthiest kitty.

Some the categories of food include:

Dry or kibble

There are grain free and some with grains. There is a lot of controversy regarding grains in a food and too often it is more about a "sales pitch" verses a real need. The best quality of grains in the widest variety and processed properly can be tolerated by many cats. That being said there are many cats that cannot tolerate grains in their food, so as it is for people you have to find what works for your feline. Rotating your cats food will help to provide the optimum amount of nutrients, there isn't a perfect bag of food for all cats, so variety is the key. But generally, you want to avoid a food made with by products and corn or wheat. These ingredients in the majority of cases are not of the best quality and in turn not tolerated by your cat over the long term.


Canned foods offer a high amount of moisture, usually around 75%, which helps to prevent urinary issues among other health concerns. Contrary to what some believe, feeding a canned food does not contribute to dental issues. Healthy flora in the digestive system, the mouth being the first part of that, is key. We recommend Natures Dentist, a completely natural dental powder you simply sprinkle on your pets food, to help populate your pets system with these beneficial enzymes and flora.


Many cats with digestive or other more serious health issues can benefit from a raw diet. These diets were designed to provide all the nutrients in their nature form, more closely simulating a diet your cat would find in the wild. Some of the raw diets we sell potentially will reverse diabetes and help in early stage kidney disease. In the latter case, whether it is a raw or canned diet choose a formula which has the highest fat content, try to find a formula with fat almost or even higher levels of fat than protein. The body can better metabolize protein with higher levels of fat. Of course, you should be in conversation with your vet when dealing with health issues. Sanitation of your pets bowls is an obvious requirement with raw and any of your pets food choices.


A newer category in pet food is dehydrated. Some cats better tolerate their food in this form. The theory is that the raw ingredients are processed more gently and offer a finished product in a shelf stable form. Also great for raw feeders who are traveling.

Try to incorporate a range of these foods but ensure your includes a high percentage of high moisture foods. Kibble should only be part of their diet vs the majority of it. Of course your cat may have something to say about the choices you are making for him.

All of these food choices may seem bewildering, but our staff of experts are here to help you through the jungle of food choices available. We are committed to changing your pets life, and it always starts with their food.