SOS Odeurs Litter Box Cleaner / Odour Neutralizer 114 ml


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Elimin-O-dours Litterbox - Cleaner and Odour Neutralizer for Litter Box

Elimin-O-dours for the litter box cleans and neutralizes odours in the litter boxes. Simply spray in empty litter box, leave 10 minutes and rinse with clear water. Ready to use.


  • Quickly clean litterboxes
  • Neutralizes odours
  • Eliminate animal urine odours
  • Made in Canada

Elimin-O-dours was developed to address the needs of pet store clients who need a product for cleaning and eliminating odours from litterboxes, reptile cages and small animal cages. Elimin-O-dours Litterbox neutralizes urine odours embedded in plastic litterboxes. Elimin-O-dours is ready to use without any preparation.

How to use:

Remove all wastes from litter box. Spray Elimin-O-dours in plastic box and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with water. Replace the litter.

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