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My name is Schummi!

My mom always loved dogs. She wanted to be active in sports but didn’t want to leave me alone . So she decided to sign up for some courses in agility and “Flyball” with me.

In doing so, she quickly realized that it was quite difficult to obtain interesting and stimulating toys for me.

Knowing that i loved the feel of fur and loved to play tug of war, she decided to combine both, and created a toy in faux fur for me. It became my favorite toy, and i would do anything for this reward.

But her biggest surprise was to see that all my friends would steal the tug away from me. With the growing demand the Schum-Tug Company was created in my name. Soon all my friends had their “SCHUMMI”.

Obviously, we had found a winning formula for both doggie and his master.


The large schum-tug is made of 4 strips measuring each 4.5 inches wide and 60 inches long, the final length of the product is about 28 inches. This schum-tug is the ideal toy for the big tuff. Nothing resists your dog? Properly used and under surveillance always, this toy is ultra resistant and will resist to your big friend.

You can easily find the perfect SCHUM-TUG for your faithful friend.

It is super durable and machine washable.


Ideal for large dogs or dogs with destructive jaws.
Your athlete’s favorite reward after his agility or ” Flyball ” course.
Ideal reward for learning positive reinforcement for all other activities

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